Generally, “diet” implies temporary eating changes or deprivation. Remember that drastic diets promising dramatic weight loss in a short time are usually short-lived and tend to lead to the vicious cycle of the Yo-Yo Diet Syndrome illustrated above. Hypnosis can help you learn to listen to your own body’s signals to achieve a realistic, healthy weight. Individual sessions will cover specific issues as determined by your intake questionnaire and interview. All your reinforcement hypnosis CD’s and educational handouts are included. This is not a quick weight loss program. You want to make permanent lifestyle changes that will help you achieve and maintain your ideal healthy weight for life.

The goal is to identify and remove the blocks that are interfering with permanent weight loss and to learn to listen to your own body’s intuition or Inner Wisdom.

Every thought affects the body in some way.

Your mind has been conditioned, or programmed, all your life-by parents or other authority figures, the media and your perception of events in your life that affected your self-image. Much of this conditioning contributed to your being overweight. Hypnosis allows you to eliminate old negative programming and reprograms your subconscious mind with positive thoughts, images and behaviors. You can even identify and release the mental blocks that have interfered with past attempts at releasing the excess weight. When you were an infant, you instinctively recognized when you were physically hungry and cried to be fed. You also stopped once you had had enough and never overate. Babies are (unintentionally) taught by adults to associate emotional needs with food (pacifier/reward/punishment). You can learn once more to tune in to your body’s natural signals to eat when hungry and easily stop when satisfied and to recognize when food is being used in an attempt to distract. Hypnosis is the tool that helps you access your own intuition or Inner Wisdom to achieve and maintain the healthy, slim and trim body you desire without feeling deprived.

Change your thoughts – Change your life.

SAVE MONEY AND JUMP-START YOUR PROGRAM WITH NEW WEIGHT-LOSS SERIES New series of four weekly sessions, each covering a specific topic. Choose individual or small group sessions (limited to 4 people). Reinforcement CDs included for each session. Topics include all the basics:

Positive Expectations, Self-Esteem and Self-Image
Exercise Motivation, Setting Priorities, and Stress Control.
Eating Guidelines, Healthy Choices, Eating Habits, and Portion Control
Emotional Eating, Cravings, Reprogramming the Past, and Visualizing Success.

Optional customized sessions available.

Weight management is a journey… not a destination.

HOW MANY SESSIONS WILL IT TAKE? It’s kind of like asking, “How long does it take to read a book?” It depends on how long the book is and how fast you read. I recommend you begin with the 4-session Weight Loss Series. The group sessions will be every other week or individual sessions can be scheduled at your convenience. The series will cover all the basic issues. Then you can come back for reinforcement as needed for continued motivation or to work on specific issues in depth. Most people do require reinforcement sessions periodically until they reach their goal weight. This is not a quick fix or magic pill and it is unhealthy to lose weight too quickly. Unfortunately, “The Biggest Loser” TV show gives unrealistic expectations. An average loss of one to two pounds per week is considered ideal. Remember, you didn’t acquire the excess weight overnight. Many have had life-long issues with weight, food, or body image, so it is not unreasonable to consider this a long-term project. The number of sessions each person needs will vary. There are no contracts to sign. You can set the pace based on your needs, your priorities, and your rate of progress.

Positive Thoughts – Positive Results!

HAD BARIATRIC SURGERY? If you have had bariatric surgery (gastric by-pass or LAP band), hypnosis can help change your self-image and improve your self-esteem. It can also help you follow your medically prescribed eating plan by eliminating cravings, limiting portion size, making healthy choices, etc. Customized individual sessions.

1. MOTIVATION AND DESIRE – Since no one will accept suggestions that go against their desires, it is of utmost importance that you have a strong desire to change your lifestyle and body image. If nothing changes, nothing changes!
2. COMMITMENT – Losing weight is generally a long-term process, with the length of time determined by the amount of weight you want or need to lose and other factors such as eating habits, metabolism, activity level, and the influence of others in your family and social group, etc. Therefore, it is important that you be committed to continuing with your program until you reach your goal.
a. LISTEN to your CD each night as you go to sleep.
b. BE WILLING to make changes in your lifestyle.
c. JOURNAL – keep a daily journal of your food and activity.
d. EXERCISE – add regular physical activity. Start slowly.
4. CONSISTENCY – Regular nightly use of your reinforcement CD and follow-up sessions as needed will keep you motivated and achieve optimum results.
5. EXPECTATIONS – Realistic expectations are important. You are more than a number on the scale. For some people, it is better not to weigh at all, but to focus instead on how they are feeling emotionally, how their clothes are fitting, and on all the positive changes they are making. The numbers on the scale do not tell the whole story. You can’t weigh your self-esteem.